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Metal-Air customizes and services air conditioning units to cool the cabs of the underground mobile equipment. This provides workers with a comfortable working environment.  These units are built in our fabrication shop and shipped to site for easy installation. We also provide the installation of the units if required as well as supply all replacement parts for the mobile air conditioning units.

Metal-Air started repairing ductable modular A/C units for heavy duty underground mobile equipment in 1994. Based on feedback from our customers, we realized that their needs were not always met with the manufactured units and that these units could not be customized to suit all applications. Our service technicians accepted the challenge to improve and design these units to better meet the needs of our customers. After years of research to further our understanding and appreciation of the customizable units, we decided that in the year 2000, we were ready to hand-craft custom modular units to better suit our customers' requirements.

Our stainless steel cabinets are hand-crafted with welded seams for durability and vibration resistance. Built to last, the design of this modular A/C requires very little maintenance. The wiring is fire resistant and copper coils are used for corrosion resistance. The hydraulic block for the gear drive is mounted remotely, not in the machine. This alternative allows customers to supply their own block or to utilize the modular unit with their own hydraulic system, gear pump or load sense; a custom-made choice for adaptability and practicability. The hydraulic block is custom-made and designed to reduce the amount of heat added to the hydraulic system.

These units can be installed virtually anywhere!