Mine Ventilation

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Metal-Air is committed to the design, development, fabrication and installation of high performance steel ventilation ducting products for underground mining and tunneling, and industrial applications. Our combination of expertise, experience and commitment is demonstrated through our ventilation products and our services to the underground world. We understand that underground mine ventilation is an extremely important area of focus for all mining professionals as mines have to be adequately ventilated to ensure a cleaner and safer workplace.

Metal-Air is able to provide all mine sites throughout Northern and Central Ontario and within Canada with the fast and reliable production of heavy duty manufactured spiral steel ducts, of any length, any size, and any diameter. It is durable enough to sustain normal mining condition blasting. Ducts are easily connected using flanges and v-locks, or simply made with a plain end connected together by a 12” wide drawband. Either way, the installation in your typical mining ramps and headings is quick, effective and straightforward. Ducts can be manufactured at the underground site which saves time therefore reduces cost.  

As well as being a manufacturer of high quality ventilation products, we also offer experienced employees who are available for site visits, training, installation, demonstrations and/or recommendations for all the underground ventilation needs.

As experienced professionals, some of the services that we offer include, but are not exhaustive to:

  • Adapters – Steel to PVC (Flex Tubing)
  • Air Lock Systems
  • Axial Van Fans for All Applications
  • Cheater Clamps
  • Custom Build Air Conditioning Systems for Refuge Stations, Underground Offices and Transformer Stations
  • Drawbands – Any Size
  • Dust and Smoke Exclusion Systems for Underground Working Garages/Bays
  • Elbows – Round or Oval – Any Degree
  • Fan Adapters
  • Flanges
  • Inlet Bells
  • Multi Locking or Back Draft Dampers
  • Outlet Cones
  • Pipe Reinforcement for Heavy Blasting Areas or for Negative Pressure Installation
  • Provide Lay Flat to Spiral Wound Flex Tubing
  • Quality Engineered Silencers – Any Size – Podded or Plain
  • Reducers – Round or Oval
  • Steel Ducting – Round or Oval – Any Size – Flanged or Plain End
  • Transitions for Oval to Round
  • Vent Doors, Refuge Station Doors, Vent Regulator
  • V-Locks – Any Size
  • Wall Inserts and Cover Plates
  • Wye or Tee Branches – Round or Oval


Over the past 2½ years Metal-Air has provided contract service at Fraser Mine. These services included installation/removal of fans, steel duct, and miscellaneous related ventilation components.  Metal-Air has scoped these jobs in conjunction with our engineered designs and, at times, offered positive advice on optimizing installations.

With some projects and site repairs requiring immediate product solutions, Metal-Air has often provided high levels of service to help resolve ventilation issues.

A cooperative working relationship with Fraser Mine Operations and Metal-Air has created an effective benefit to us meeting our ventilation goals in a timely manner. Metal-Air’s ability to stage work projects underground and their flexibility to reschedule around daily production changes has made them effective at our site.

With my 2½ years of working with Metal-Air at Fraser Mine, their ventilation group has repeatedly provided a high level of quality and service.

Michael Aitchison
Fraser Mine - Mine Systems Technologist
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (A Glencore Company)